Purification through dance


There are different forms of celebrations.

One is, for example, a celebration to express and manifest gratitude for the devine, an act of remembrance or a celebration of existence itself.

Another form of celebration is to let go of the past, to walk forward, with the knowledge that life is eternal.

If you truly want to celebrate then you do not just “party”. If the party is related to something that is holy to you, the celebration might be more fulfilling. Body, mind and soul will be nourished, delighted and take pleasure in it.

If the celebration makes everybody around you rejoice and helps to unite with one another, after taking enough time just for yourself… When it releases the old, when it frees from a traumatic past and brings and causes hope for the future, then you found meaning as you express and manifest gratitude for the devine or a remembrance of existence itself or an act of letting go and growth or something else that is holy to you, manifested in a ritual of a raving dance.

The celebration can be altruism, it can be benevolence, it can be and it is love.

This celebration is sacred.

 You may free yourself and others in ritual and dance. Bath yourself in sound and let the music wash away what wants to go. Let the smoke lift up the heavy and dark. You may turn your life into a celebration of the holy and devine, also as a service to others, in an act of purification through a sacred rave, instead of searching just for your own pleasure and high. If a celebration is steeped in sacredness and your way of prayer, it is enriched in deepth and dignity.

Such a celebration is not just enjoyment for the mind or appeal for the body, it is nourishment and lavation for the soul.

Instead of pushing yourself into something, start the celebration of your own life with an act of kindness, one moment of holding in, with a clear mind, in a safe space. Breathe in and out and connect with what you brought with you. Release what is not required and desired anymore. Take in what is treasuring and supporting you in a healthy way.

Festive mood arises not only from enthusiasm and joy. If you feel heavy and low, you need the celebrative mood the most. Every pain or struggle we went through, gave us deepness. Know you are loved and invited to celebrate life already by your birth. If you couldn´t so far, for your own good reasons, then you might have lived in a low mode accompanied by fear. From this state of beeing grideness can arise. With these cravings, selfishness may occur, with this egoism and rage may emerge. Anger maybe followed by sadness and gloominess, perhaps followed by lust that has its origin in pain instead of love. Like a chain of reactions that you may want to stop or cover in drowning yourself. Where sedation through literally any way of modern anesthesia till the point of fainting feels better than facing yourself and the world with clear vision, ready for change.

You can enter a place where your mind can slow down in trust and your body and soul intelligence can take over and guide you through your own processes. Reconcile with the past and welcome the future with rapture. Take your time for a meditative dance. Open up the room inside yourself and enter with love and creativity. Express what is moving you through movement. Share with respect and sensitive for ability in your unique way of selfexpression, what you have experienced. Get inspired and touched by the stories danced or told in spoken words around you.

Life always chooses the best way. Difficulties vest depth in you, joy makes you wide and free.

Celebration can teach us to dance out anger, frustration and sadness, to make room inside of us.

Celebration can teach us to breathe in joy and pleasure and can give us a new vision of life and hope for the next moments to come.

We can see our past as destiny, the future as free will and our present as bliss.

Some think only the celebration is the one and holy.

Some think sacredness is holding still and beeing silent.

Is the balance between outer stillness with an inner holy festive mood and an inner holy festive stillness while raving to the fullest, the answer? A celebration that is born in silence can be a true way of celebrating what arises inside of us all that will be transformed to the outside.

Celebration is an approach to life.

Welcome to oase.

Inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar