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What is oase?

oase is an explorative space where you can attend two meditations embraced by two dj sets in a very sweet location with a wonderful garden with a fire.

Whats the purpose?

To spend a deep and nice quality time.
After making your usual experiences high or drunk or spaced out in the clubs or other spaces, you are maybe looking for something else, something experimental, something new, something sustainable, something conscious, something cleansing, something thats not based on consume but on your own real capacity. I ll create the room and share some techniques with you and you are invited to experiment with yourself. The rest is up to you.

Active meditation?

We will stand on the dancefloor facing the front. We will ask silently for ourself a question or you take the one i ll propose. I ll inspire you how you can move to the sounds that will follow. We close our eyes and keep them closed till the end of the meditation if thats comfy for you. The first 30 mins we will just shake to a very deep shamanic drumset. Then we will walk on the spot to another drumset. After that we will stand still or move slowly on our spot to a soft piece of music to listen, deepen our questions and connect. The dj will tune in and will play us a proper piece of music art and the free flow of your dance continues.

Silent meditation?

We will be still and breath conscious and slow with closed eyes and listen if we can hear some answers flying in.

Can i smoke on the dancefloor?

No, so we can focus just on dancing. Another reason is that pregnant women and others who are sensitive on smoke can join as well. If you want to interrupt yourself for a cigarette thats totally fine. See you for a smoke. 😉

Why no alcohol?

Because its making you drunk.

Why no chemicals?

Because ithey interfere with your own natural chemicals and therefor you cannot experience just yourself. oase is one day in your life you can be sober and to be honest and face the facts, when we consume we support a lot of war outside and inside.

Is oase against drugs?

First of all, drugs is another word for „kraut“, („plants“). And for sure all experiences we can make by adding something to ourselfs are interesting, Its more a question of our motivation, the set and setting. In accordance to the law of a capitalistic system for sure oase is positioning in not supporting exploitation of resources and humans. Still i think we all can make our own experiences. The important thing is to give ourselfs time to learn and ask questions afterwards and to integrate what we have seen and what we got to know, to make something out of it and to bring our new informations into this world. Its about doing things mindful and conscious about the riscs etc. . At oase we want to experience ourselfs without chemicals to have clear mind, body and visions.

Why no trash?

With trash i mean literally everything that isnt healthy for the planet. Plastic, deco that is used just once or is made under exploitive circumstances (including single use tattoos, glitter flitter things, fashion etc. ). oase also points on the quality of the music, what is been played, how and the quality of the sound.

Is oase something for me?

With no doubt, yes. Because even if u think this is all shit, you get to know yourself better. So, nothing to loose here. But it is not a shit.

Can i come alone?

For sure. There will be enough people coming. Anyways i will encourage you to keep on meditating on the dancefloor. So it also fits to come alone. Outside at the fire for sure you find a talk if you feel like one.

Do i have to be there the whole event or can i arrive later?

I recommand to attend the whole event for the experience. But of course you can come and go whenever you want. Interesting to watch yourself in this decisions.

Liv, why are you doing oase?

Personally me, i would like to share the insights of my explorations in the clubs/festivals and spirituality of the past years that help me to get and stay connected to myself/nature. I learn to face the here and now with an attitude to welcome positive change so i can give all my energy into this world and create. This is, to take part in transformation. As a facilitator i create a space where you can explore your own potencial, stimulated by music, supported by a remix of spiritual practices with a conscious breath and movement.
I needed a lot of courage (and money, 3000 euros i put into this experiement so far) to start and continue this event. I m experiencing sweet support and also critics, kicks from the sides and wierd stalkers. Its a very nice learning and i have to say, the deeper the comments hit me, the more i learned. Total appreciation for that. It helped me to see what i want and how and what oase is: a fluid, experimental exploration. I ve realized i dont first need to become someone else, i can start exactly how i am with what i have to share. 
I realised i m perfectly fine if i start from where i am at. I am the frontrow Panoramabar Partygirl, Communication Designer, 12 years Berlin Nightlife Worker, Feminist, LeftWing Rebel, Queer Fighter, PartyOrganiser, WildChild, Rainbow Sibling, Yoga & Breathwork Lover, a rehabilitated addict, one that became sick by a stressfull lifestyle and accepted this question.
One half of me is the erimit, the lonely wolf that lives if warm enough naked in a small house in a forest and sees more birds than people.
The second half is the socializer that needs the city, culture, peoples touch, faces, play and conversation.
I am an initiated Ghost Healer (and we are talking about „der Geist“ and not Boohooo Ghosts, and its not the healer healing anyone, but giving support to activate the selfhealing potencial through opening and connecting energy lines and talks), you can call it „Energy Medicine“. I m a breathworker since 2018 and made an Ausbildung as a breathing-therapist. I m drawn to create and explore magic, plant medicine, hypno and trance therapy and neo-shamanic practices.  It is my profession and always was as i support CHANGE and its the most natural thing for me to help unfolding potencial. This summer i ll learn a two hours massage, and i m so happy to offer profound bodywork soon next to my intuitive touch.
For sure i like to make oase huge and share this event, talks, workshops about conscious consume and clubbing, be the face of this movement that can be a rebellion on the dancefloor. I love riding this trojan horse into the clubculture and to socialize through the promotion. I will actually start a massive movement. People that have ideas beneath drinking, trashing, or putting things in their noses without knowing the substances nor the advantages or the consequences can join. 🙂 People who like to learn to feel comfortable with themselves, comfortable in this reality, people who are awake, energetic by their own capacity and most important: sensitive on trashing around, beeing involved in capitalisms war as consumers etc. etc. etc. ) can join as well.
When i look at the bigger picture i see that a healthy planet starts with its inhabitants. If i m peaceful, respectful and conscious with myself, then it is likely possible to be a part of a conscious transformation regarding society and the health of our planet. What i cannot do is healing anybody or handing over my personal experience. What i can do is to inspire and provide space. You are welcome. Be my guest. <3

Why is oases structure changing again and again?

Because its an experimental space and its developing by the feedback from the past events and personal experiences that happen meanwhile. How can something be the same when you wake up everyday as a different person? No oase will be like the other, i guess. oase is adaptive. I decided to not hand out any substitutes like cacao anymore as i know that all we need is our breath, movement and music as a stimulator to experience different states of consciousness. By the way, also cacao is brought to us involing a lot of water, workers and emissions. And to name a provocative view, the use of cacao is maybe not for us westerners. We have enough healing plants here in our woods, so we dont need to „copy &paste“ from ancient southamerican traditions and drive the goods around the globe. Products, if we want to see the fruits of earth like that, have limits. Cacao became fashion, other healing plants are even „cut&paste“. What you think about that is up to you. I know how transformative the jouneys can be, how these healing trips can change our lifes. Everybody should decide for themselves what they want and need. But i also learned, that i was always looking for shorter paths because i was lazy or i didnt know how and where i could search in different ways. I give some easy examples: First thing to face: We are totally privileged to even have the capacity to think about these things. Second: We are living in a frightening time regarding what is happening on earth, so that might be a reason why we are looking for more.
If we have time, we can sit for one week under a tree and meditate, if we have money and the privilege to travel or the right contacts, we can experience some amazonian plants or and a fancy retreat, if we want to study, we can align to the philosophy of yoga or any religion as they all are based on love, if we go clubbing we can selfmedicate us by taking drugs, if we want to slowly shut us down we can drink. There are a lot of ways the open up or shut down our perceptions, to clean or wrack our bodies and minds… It is up to us. My personal advice: make love be a factor of your decision.

Why is oase so “expensive”?

As in oase alcohol is not sold in the bar, i pay a higher rent to keep the club free from drunk and drugged people. Funny enough, that we have to buy a free space like this together. In addition, i pay the djs a good fee, the technic i have to rent and the promotion and the prints need to be bought. I also have to pay tax. I just invested so far around 3000,- in the oase as i believe it is the right direction. In between i cried and thought i am crazy and that this event that comes from the bottom of my heart will ruin me financial wise. I grew and organised a safety system, so oase can grow organically without me beeing worried anymore. I trust and i m happy that i will earn also some money for all the time, creative thoughts and creators energy i put with love in oase when the time has come. We always get rewared in our lifes at some point.

How much does this event cost?

It variates by venue and lineup. Between 1500 and 3000 Euros for one event.

Can you put me on the Guest|Family&Friends list?

There are two honest answers to this:
1. For sure my dear, i am happy to invite you if u do not have enough money to pay your part and you love to join. You could also help during the event for an energy exchange. Please anyways give what is possible for you. Money, help, emotional support, dancing super energy. Please get in touch before.
2. No. This event is young and fresh, it costs time, creative energy and real money (also tax!) and its worth it.

How can i support oase?

You can just come and be a guest, and you can spread the words and invite your friends as well. If you like and can its possible to buy a supporter ticket.

Why is oase on a sunday?

Sunday is a great day for a Rave as well as for a Prayer. As in oase alcohol is not sold in the bar, its hard to get a „club“ in the weekends as they live from the income of the bar. So i pay a higher rent as normal promoters to get a „clean“ space. And well, its nice to clear yourself for the new week to come on a sunday in a meditative dance. I m searching for a new location for a saturday, if you know one, hit me up.

How many people will be in the event?

Good question. Enough to be an experimental group. The space is limited to 150 guest in Nirgendwo. Thats a group that works fine in that space. Last events between 180 and 60 people came.