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When i was 27, i was introduced to the electronic music club culture of Berlin. Since that day, I spent nearly every weekend raving somewhere else.
I could finally find myself in music, i felt how the quality of the sound, the level of talent of the djs, the melodies, the hightstreble, the bass and the rhythms made me breathe and dance like I never had done before. I found out what „raving“ means and seriously I lost it sometimes. For a longer period of time, it became a ritual to me to go to the clubs for my raving meditations, freaking out in the front row, tuning into the dj, breathing and dancing and letting go. I could return home with answers i was searching for a long time.
Sometimes, I made it so long that I could not speak anymore and my feet or mind could barely bring me home. I had learned to“push“ myself to be awake, open and energetic. There was no way I could have a restorative sleep afterwards. For exploration, I stretched my abilities past my limits, to be able to move myself from the inside and outside. I saw strangers becoming nice company in seconds. I adapted to the beauty and to the ugly, and i did things without beeing mindfull and conscious about them and what i am doing with my house, my body. For sure, I brought home with me a totally empty purse, dirty and damaged clothes and a lack of memory. Bizarre feelings were combined with headaches, muscle pains, a sore throat, weird digestion, a cold, bad skin, sleepless nights, greediness, nervousness, a weak body, emptiness, sadness and the cravings for love and and unhealthy food that I was not even able to eat.
What I loved experiencing during that time, was the high of not beeing afraid of anything. No limitations. It was very addictive to me and I was content in paying for it, in the way I got to know so far. Beneath the high feelings, all the lows after the weekends were included. Somehow I knew all the time that I am not true to myself. The consumerism in this mix was a lifestyle that, personally me, I could not sustain for a long time.
I took the decision to quit, stop and filter out the good that I had experienced and learned during my journeys through the clubs and festivals. What I was actually looking for was love, connection, joy, great trips and purification through rave.
I went on going to clubs, totally conscious and clear and gave my best to feel comfortable on the sweet side. I was in another state of presence, looking for the same in a different way.
I like the idea of the saying, that the good spirits leave your body when you poison it, and therefore the „other“ ones take control. People prefering consuming instead of being nice. Some half or completely fainted, in toilets and dancefloors, dazing or drowning themselves, or obviously experiencing total horror trips while their friends do their fun. You know what i m talking about and it is hard to not judge at this point.
I see as well: wet, tight, sticky places are sexy (!), too. I still enjoy to see people setting themselves free in dance and party. For sure you will find me in the front row again, as i love clubbing.
It is interesting to watch how a big part of “ celebration and club culture“ is changing characters and continues to support deconstruction of nature and people through consumerism (drugs/alcohol, fashion, trash). I had to accept the fact that I myself was part of this: forgetting about the basics of treating nature (including humans, animals, plants, resources…) with respect, to cherish the gift of life, love, health and friendship.
To make a long story shorter, i started to search for alternatives: rituals, dances, circles and i found them and thanks to the great unsiverse, i learned that i can experience love, connection in seconds, amazing trips and purifying activities completely sober.
I started practicing what i had learned in the clubs just by myself. Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, all sorts of things.
I searched fruitfully for events where I could meet people who celebrate, dance and meditate in a conscious, ecstatic and sober way. I am very grateful and appreciative for these occasions that are so important! Still, I never felt totally satisfied and at home as i m coming from that techno clubs and queer culture.
I started self-organised work and life very early. When I was a teenager, I was involved in beautiful autonomous structures, social work and a left-wing lifestyle. I had learned in a creative way to organise events, hold groups and to express myself. For 13 years that I have been living in Berlin, I have organised several happenings like exhibitions, queer parties, concerts, feminist festivals, bar nights and an electronic music party supporting female djs. All this i did in addition to my work as a freelance communication designer, bartender and organiser in the Berlin nightlife. Now I combine my work as Designer and Initiator and work and create officially as a freelancer in both fields.
So, as i am a facilitator myself, the idea to create oase arose from the wish to combine the sexy experiences of club culture with the spiritual and conscious world I entered and to share what touches me in the deepest possible way. As i myself experienced my deepest and most healing “trips” with medicine plants (cacao) and or breathing and dynamic meditations, i feel obliged to share this with others.
Conscious breathing, dynamic and silent meditations, a clean rave to a deep, organic sound. Professional musicians and djs, great acoustics and a soundsystem that honors the music. A club one night free from alcohol, chemicals and trash. An experimental room for single and group explorations, to enfold what needs space on the dancefloor, in the garden and at the fire. A crowd that can adapt to the next level experience. A main entry time to support the dynamic and the energy that can find its form during the evening. People who love and share the passion for a free and ecstatic celebration in a not “self-destructive” way. A night to be high on music, movement, breath, connection, love, natural ecstasy, the sexyness of purity and the raving dance itself.
[oˈa ː.zə], save and constructive experimental explorationrave for self-experience, clarification and transformation between rebellion, modern spirituality and clubbing.