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Temple Haze


Temple Haze

Soneiro Collective, Bakery

Temple started his journey into music on the road, hitching rides across America, working on organic farms, living the off grid lifestyle. After a long tramp through the states Temple set his troubadour eyes on to Europe. Seeking the counter culture of our lost societies he moved from place to place. After nearly 4 years on the road He moved to Berlin to settle into the vibrant artistic community.

Since then the Washington, DC native has been making waves in Berlin’s underground music scene. A man of many facets, he is known for his collaborations as singer and co-composer of BAKERY, featured vocalist with SAM SHURE, and currently in collaboration with the producer NAROU. Temple’s live repertoire includes solo acoustic shows, full band shows, downbeat live sets, mystical DJ sets, and ambient soundscapes…

Temple has played at over 200 shows around the world, and as a support act for Crystal Fighters and Rising Appalachia.

Temple also dives deep into sound design, film score composition, brainwave entrainment frequencies, and ancient mantras bringing the underground berlin music scene and spirituality together in harmony. As co-founder and musical director of Soneiro Collective he holds space for music meditations and mantra singing circles portraying the best of his universal knowledge and empathic feeling for music.

He released his debut solo EP “Anotherside” on Feb. 23rd 2018