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Designer & Initiator

Liv, who are you and why oase?

I would like to share the insights of my explorations in the clubs/festivals and spirituality of the past years that help me to get out of the mess and stay connected to myself and therefor: nature. I learn to face the here and now with an attitude of flexibility and to welcome positive change so i can give all my energy into this world and create. This is taking part in transformation. As a facilitator i create a space where you can explore your own potencial, stimulated by music, supported by a remix of spiritual practices with a conscious breath and movement. From single sessions to workshop sized groups to raves and festivals, i can hold it all.
I had realised i m perfectly fine if i start from where i was: The frontrow Panoramabar Partygirl, Communication Designer, 12 years Berlin Nightlife Worker, Feminist, LeftWing Rebel, Queer Fighter, PartyOrganiser, WildChild, Rainbow Sibling, Yoga & Breathwork Lover, a rehabilitated addict of the so normal and accepted consumer items, one that fell out of balance by a stressfull lifestyle and accepted this question to find my center.
One half of me is the erimit, the lonely wolf that lives if warm enough naked in a small house in a forest and sees more birds than people.
The second half is the socializer that needs the city, culture, peoples touch, faces, play and conversation.
I needed courage and money to start and continue this event in 2018. I m experiencing sweet support and critics, kicks from the sides and wierd stalkers. Its a very nice learning and i have to say, the deeper the comments hit me, the more i ve learned. It helped me to see what i want and how and what oase is: a fluid, experimental space to explore and grow. Its good to start from the point we are at and stay open and flexible.
I m a breathworker since 2018 and made an Ausbildung as a breathing-therapist that was streched over 2 years with nearly one year of traveling through different countries offering free group and single sessions. I am an initiated Ghost Healer (and we are talking about „der Geist“ and not Boohooo Ghosts, and its not the healer healing anyone, but giving support to activate the selfhealing potencial through opening and connecting energy lines and hitting the right points in conversation), you can call it „Energy Medicine“. I m drawn to create and explore magic, plant medicine, hypno and trance therapy and neo-shamanic practices. This summer i ll learn a two hours massage, and i m so happy to offer profound bodywork soon next to my intuitive touch. It is my profession to help where i can and always was as i support CHANGE and its the most natural thing for me to support unfolding potencial. I love us.
For sure i like to make oase huge and share this event, talks, workshops about conscious consume and clubbing, be the face of this movement that can be a rebellion on the dancefloor. I love riding this trojan horse into the clubculture and to socialize through the promotion. I will actually start a massive movement. People that have ideas beneath drinking, trashing, or putting things in their noses without knowing the substances nor the advantages or the consequences can join. 🙂 People who like to learn to feel comfortable with themselves, comfortable in THIS reality, people who are awake, energetic by their own capacity and most important: sensitive on trashing around, beeing involved in capitalisms war as consumers etc.
When i look at the bigger picture i see that a healthy planet starts with its inhabitants. If i m peaceful, respectful and conscious with myself, then it is likely possible to be a part of a conscious transformation regarding society and the health of our planet. What i cannot do is healing anybody or handing over my personal experience. What i can do is to inspire and provide space. You are welcome. Please, be my guest. <3